"Not all whitewashing is racist. When I first read Harry Potter I imagined Angelina Johnson as white" - stupid Harry Potter fans




Yes, m’dear white friends. That’s called the normativity of whiteness. That’s called white privilege. The idea that, in any given situation, someone is white unless they’re described as otherwise. Happens all the time in fiction. Wake the fuck up and smell the black coffee. We are no longer playing anymore. The wands of Blacks all over the world are RAISED. If it takes us using some “tribal voodoo mojo magic” to get you to wake the fuck up, then so be it. 

What I don’t get is why the fuck some people are so resistant to changing their head canon when new information comes up that contradicts it, all while talking about the sanctity of the author’s words and canon — and when it comes to race, it’s always always ALWAYS someone refusing to see an explicitly POC character as anything other than white, NEVER the other way around.

I admit that when I first started reading Harry Potter years and years ago, I imagined Angelina as a white girl in the absence of any race identification or clues because of how whiteness is considered to be the default and norm. What did I do when, in a later book, it was explicitly said she was Black? I changed my mental image and head canon for her. And guess what? The world didn’t end, the books weren’t destroyed for me, and everything continued on as normal, but I corrected my whitewashing instead of defending it and continuing to engage in a racist practice.

but heaven forbid someone decides that some white character is a POC (like Helga Hufflepuffle, for example) and fans starts screeching and pulling out their hair because their fee fees are “hurt” because “there is no way that [insert character] isn’t white. JKR says so !” or “nu uh, they’re white! It was  an unspoken cannon” or “there were no black people then so obviously it’s not possible.”

Because it’s perfectly okay for some fans to say “well, I always imagined Angelina (or Blaise) to be white so even though they’re black I’m just going keep imagining /RPing/fanarting them as white” just to placate themselves, despite going against canon. 

But if I want a racebent character (or even a character that we’ve never even seen before so we don’t know what they look like) it’s like I’m committing the ultimate blasphemy against God, the Pope, and JK Rowling. Because, you know, it’s just not possible or right.

this fandom…

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    I’m more bothered by the fact that Thresh and Rue come from a predominately black district known for agriculture and...
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    Even worse: The Hunger Games fandom. We know that Thresh and Rue are black, they’re explicitly described that way, yet...
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    Man, I have forgotten how shitty this fandom was. ONE OF THE WORST.
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    Oddly enough, I always imagined Angelina Johnson as black even when I read the first book for the first time. But I’m...
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