“I still don’t think race is as big of a factor in the wizarding world as blood status.”




Chile, if race wasn’t a factor then most witches & wizards would be mixed-race. But they’re not. Why? Because. Race is ALWAYS a factor. Get it through your heads, people.

I’m inclined to agree that blood status probably takes more precedence than race in the Potterverse.  But that is not the say that race doesn’t matter at all in this Universe, because we all know it does to many.  But looking at examples from the text, it seems blood is more important.  

Example: It’s unclear if Dean is mixed race or not. We don’t know if one or both of his parents is of African decent. All we know is that his father is a Wizards and his mother a Muggle.  Where they both Black Britons? Or was one not? Which one? Secondly, Dean dates Ginny, and none of the characters have an issue with his race. Third, Angelina and Fred are an item, then she marries George. Again, no one in the Potterverse makes this an issue.

However, I do note that all the Death Eaters are White. Is that because they believe in pure blood, and therefore a Black wizard cannot be of pure-blood to them? or is it because there aren’t any pure-blood wizards of color in England? Or maybe the Wizards of Color just have more sense?  

Just some thoughts and ramblings…

zorawitch: British witches & wizards act just like British Muggles do when it comes to “exotic” or “foreign” or “enemy” nationalities and ethnic languages and peoples. Great-Auntie Muriel berates Fleur for being French. The Prime Minister of Bulgaria is snidely belittled for having bad English. Can you imagine how Roma witches and wizards are treated by other Europeans, then? Probably the same way as their Mugglecounterparts, or something divinely similar in scope and effect. Blood status seems to be a saving grace for many witches and wizards, no matter their colour, because Dean’s dad was killed for refusing to join the Death Eaters, however this does not absolve the huge likelihood that this love of blood-status purity may extend into color-lines as well, especially since the society Jo created is extremely Eurocentric.

Witches and Wizards of Colour most likely, yes, have more sense. In fact, all the WWOC seem to be pro-Muggle or in the very least not as prejudiced as their white counterparts; there is only one explicit pure-blood supremacist of colour in the books, Blaise Zabini (who is probably a Black boy of mixed-race given his Italiante surname), who calls Ginny a filthy blood-traitor. But then guess what? Blaise considers Death Eaters scum as well, so his pure-blood privilege and prestige operates in a separate vacuum than that of someone like Draco Malfoy.

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